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Welcome to Fractured Lands! – 5/29/2018


Welcome to the first Fractured Lands Dev Blog! Before I talk much about the game, this site, and our upcoming Beta, let me introduce myself.

My name is Robert Peeler, and I’m the Community Manager at Unbroken Studios, a newly established independent development house in the south bay of Los Angeles, California. It’s my job to be your connection with the development team, but likewise, help you stay connected to each other as players as we work together to build a brand new community!

Everyone here at Unbroken is a senior level game developer with years of experience creating tons of well-known titles in the shooter and action genres including Call of Duty, God of War, Battlefield and more. A fact I mention only to give you confidence in our ability to deliver a high-quality game.

We’re all eager here to reach out and show you more about our studio and its development process and hope you’re excited about our newly announced Last One Standing PvP shooter: Fractured Lands!

Fractured Lands takes place in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world where you arrive in your very own upgradeable vehicle. In fact, you join every match with that same self-selected ride to take you across our massive multiplayer map! Drive out there, find some great pick-up weapons, attachments, upgrades to your vehicle like a spiked bumper or a boost engine, and use them to fuel your victory.

We’re eager to give you a chance to try the game out, so we created a Closed Beta sign-up at the top of the main page! Please submit your email address and we’ll get you on the list to join. The game announcement and the Beta sign-up goes up simultaneously today so we ask that you give us a couple days to get those keys out to you, in time for the first June 8th Beta Weekend. We’ll also update you on the full Beta schedule later this week.

We also launched this new website that you’re checking out now and will have our Steam Page and Steam Community forums up soon. And of course, we’ve launched a few social channels (twitter, facebook, youtube) with our own Twitch channel coming later.

If you’re not yet convinced that you’ll enjoy free access to this game in its Beta state, then check out our Announcement trailer or the screenshots in our Media section!

Fractured Lands, is a community-driven game, and we’re a community-driven studio, so don’t be surprised to hear from us again, asking for your feedback on our title and reaching out with new opportunities to destroy your enemies in the wasteland.

Keep checking back soon for new updates to our game and our studio!

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