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Slaughter Land Sneak Peek!

Aside from some Dev Play Days (Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 PM PT) and a Community Play Day on the Weekend (Saturdays 5 PM PT), we continue to be heads down on getting through our 1.0 Roadmap, the latest of which is an update in the form of a new map area–Slaughter Land!

Before the fall of the world, there was an infamous amusement park in Coronado called “Laughter Land.” Far from a corporate amusement park, this was a cheap roadside attraction meant to lure in interstate travelers en route through the Pacific Southwest with the colorful image of Chuckles the Clown and his catchphrase “You should smile more!”

Like the ghost towns and tacky museums that dotted the highways, Laughter Land enjoyed a short period of prosperity. But its troubles were evident almost from the start. Never up to the safety standards of more prominent theme parks, lawsuits from injuries and accidental deaths lead to its premature closure and darkened its legacy. In its remote location, it was abandoned and all but forgotten.

Long after the Cataclysm fractured the Pacific Southwest, Laughter Lands remained mostly untouched, waiting for the world to catch up to its state of disrepair. Eventually, it was discovered and inhabited by a community of survivors, taking shelter from the roaming bandit tribes that plagued the lands. These settlers fortified it as best as they could and even revived some of the park’s more charming features. But eventually the lights and sounds drew the attention of a tribe of raiders, and the settlers were all but wiped out in the ensuing attack.

Legends say a single survivor, driven mad by the slaughter of his settlement, took on the mantle of Chuckles the Clown. They say the insane clown changed the signage to “Slaughter Land,” set traps throughout the park, and murdered any trespassers who dared explore the park’s haunting ruins.

Nobody knows if these stories are true or how long ago they happened, but the horrifying evidence of Chuckles the Clown can be seen in the park to this day. So come visit Slaughter Lands if you dare, and remember: you should smile more.

Slaughter Land arrives in a new update to Fractured Lands later this month and is available in both the SOLO and TRIBE BATTLE ROYALE modes!

We also have a host of other environment changes and adjustments planned for our BR map and other things in the works for this newest update. Beyond that we continue to put work into our upcoming Sandbox mode and Phase 2 changes. Likewise, closer to when this update goes live we’ll share with you details on our progress with the Journey to 1.0 Roadmap and more news for Fractured Lands!

Again thank you for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy this latest adventure into the wasteland!

You Should Smile More

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