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Fractured Lands Social

Fractured Lands is a Community Driven game. Well before we announced Fractured Lands to the public, we’ve been talking to Content Creators, Site owners, Streamers, players, and even fellow developers all about the game we’ve worked hard to bring to life. We’ve integrated their feedback through regular invite-only Play Tests, and now we’d like to hear from even more players, through our upcoming Closed Beta. We’re building a multiplayer gaming community to help Fractured Lands grow! We’re diving right into new social channels and opportunities to open our studio to you!

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on the game, community, and development! Also, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the game!

Our latest trailers and archived video content is regularly updated on our official studio YouTube channel!

Follow our Unbroken Studios Twitch Channel! We’ll be sharing updates and insights live in the coming weeks and months!
Unbroken Studios Twitch Channel
Fractured Lands on


Help your fellow players contribute to the growth of shared info on the Official Fractured Lands Wikia from Curse | Gamepedia!
Fractured Lands Gamepedia Wiki

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Visit our Official Community Discussions and talk with the playing community about Fractured Lands! Check out the Steam Store Page and be sure to Wishlist Fractured Lands today!
Official Steam Discussion
Fractured Lands Steam Store Page

Chat with friends, fellow players, and even developers on our official Fractured Lands Discord Channel!
Fractured Lands Discord


Community Tool Kit

Looking to create videos on Fractured Lands? Want to publish content on YouTube using the correct game logo? Building a fansite on your favorite vehicle designs? We want to help you out with the latest Community Tool Kit! Our kit is regularly updated with the latest in assets, logos, features, and info, including:

    • Regular screenshots and keyart
    • Logos in transparent .PNG files
    • Latest trailers and video

As the game updates, and new in-game material is added, so will our Community Tool Kit. If you have feature requests or see something in the game you’d like to feature, let us know!

May Release: Tool Kit
NEW: Tool Kit


Fractured Lands Partner Program

Since announcing Fractured Lands we have been talking with streamers, content creators, and community evangelists all over inviting them to help us promote the game, provide feedback both during Beta and with invited internal testing as well as talking to them about the future of our game. We would like interested community leaders to come join our program, newly named STORMRIDERS and help us make Fractured Lands a hit!

STORMRIDERS with Unbroken Studios features a variety of potential opportunities, including:

  • Access to the game in development with many opportunities to evaluate the title
  • Direct feedback loop to the game developers with specific recognition of your contributions
  • Free copy of the game and additional copies to use for channel giveaways
  • Specific Discord Channel Access reserved for STORMRIDERS
  • Optional Asset package fulfilled requests for channel streamers and content creators
  • Public “Play With Dev” opportunities for your channel
  • Channel partnership opportunities with other interested groups
  • And more tailor-made ideas we explore on a case-by-case basis

Click here to learn what’s required and apply to be one of the STORMRIDERS for Fractured Lands.



We have some very dedicated STORMRIDERS who stream regularly, create great content, and help support Fractured Lands in and out of the wasteland!

We’d like to celebrate them here and shine a spotlight on the great work they’ve been doing. Each month, Unbroken Studios chooses one WARMONGER MVP and the STORMRIDER community nominates 4 RAIDERS to spotlight. Congrats to our first 5, check out their exploits below!




MarioMadness is  a hardcore supporter for Fractured Lands. Streaming, playing, and encouraging games nearly every day and tons of hours through the week, makes him not just a strong advocate but a positive force all around. We’re proud and excited to name him September’s WARMONGER!




xRadioactive13 is a frequent player, streamer, and cosplays on occasion to support Fractured Lands! She’s been playing since the beginning and always ready to jump in a match!


Maj. Herb-Head


Maj. Herb-Head is a regular player and streamer, who contributes to good matches, fun discord discussions on the official channels and regular support on social, we’re happy to have him as a new RAIDER!


Lucy Lu


Lucy Lu with her friends have been regular players for a long time, and make the EU prime time an excellent few gaming hours for the whole community. She’s a welcome addition to our RAIDER team!




Becca, a player from really early on who’s spent lots of time with the game off and on, but consistently comes back for a match or two and a kind word in the community. She’s a great force for positive change and we appreciate all her efforts!











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