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Early Access Patch Fix v. 3/29/2019

With our Slaughter Land preview video, and a handful of Dev Play Days featuring new screenshots of updated POIs like the Oasis and Outlaw’s End, the fires of our March patch are sufficiently stoked. We’ve continued to tend those embers with a couple of external playtests with our STORMRIDER crew and a week of team internal testing now ready to drop the newest Fractured Lands content today!

Dropping at 2PM PT, be sure to update your copy of Fractured Lands and check out the newest POI changes, vehicle adjustments, munition updates, and bug fixes in the wasteland. In the meantime read all the details here on the latest patch notes:

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed crash with the server that occurs when a Razorback was destroyed while equipped with certain items
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs when changing specific Juggernaut vanity items

Revisions and Adjustments:

  • Added new full POI
    • Slaughter Land
        • The Rocket
        • Super Duper Fun Slide
        • Ferris Wheel
        • Boat Swings
        • Circular Swings
        • Carousel
        • Chuckles Clown Gate
        • Bumper Cars
        • Carnival Games
        • Concession Stand / Food Court
        • Exhibition Hall
        • Slaughter Land Hillside Sign
        • Petting Zoo
        • Photo Cutout

  • Various POI revisions
      • Updated and revised “Trader Town” with new model buildings and objects, including Police Station defense fortress
        • Newly remodeled area renamed “Outlaw’s End”
      • Updated and revised “The Collapse” with new model buildings and objects, including Tiki Motel and Resort Bar
        • Newly remodeled area renamed “Oasis”
      • Updated and revised “Remnant” with new objects and layouts
      • Updated and revised “Windfarm” with new objects and animations
      • Updated and revised “Stormrider Stronghold” with various external objects
      • Updated and revised “Scrapper’s Yard” with new buildings, objects, and textures
      • Adjusted “Las Calderas” with newly level environment, buildings, and objects
        • Removed “Las Calderas” POI name
      • Updated the map to reflect above changes

  • Adjusted sparkler bomb to now add momentary blinding effect to nearby players
  • Revised and updated loading screen keyart imagery
  • Addressed various memory allocations to optimize for gameplay performance
  • Adjusted loot layout and quantity in all areas
  • Revised G’luck with a small damage reduction
  • Added vehicle weapon adjustments to mounted offensive pieces including the spiked bumper (Dustrider), spiked armor (Razorback), and grinder armor (Juggernaut); increasing the amount of enemy player and enemy vehicle damage taken when hitting another vehicle while equipped
  • Added vehicle defense adjustments, decreasing the amount of player health taken on impact with buildings, objects and other vehicles

Bug Fixes:

  • Addressed an issue where the Juggernaut received too high an HP penalty during impact
  • Addressed an issue where experience gained wasn’t synced with the displayed experience amount
  • Addressed an issue where jumping onto some trees with a vehicle would immobilize a player
  • Addressed an issue where sometimes, the camera for a player in the passenger or gunner position of a Dustrider and Juggernaut, would misalign
  • Addressed an issue where some UI elements in Solo Battle Royale/Tribe Battle Royale would render incorrectly
  • Addressed an issue where some UI elements in Deathmatch rendered incorrectly
  • Addressed an issue where some player and loot spawn points worked incorrectly
  • Addressed various instances of foliage clipping into/through buildings and objects
  • Addressed an issue where specific vanity items displayed without proper textured or where the texture maps incorrectly
  • Addressed an issue where the reticle aim for the mounted gun on the Juggernaut was misaligned
  • Addressed an issue where vehicles sometimes involuntarily accelerate forward during the game start count down
  • Addressed an issue where under a default display setting, some buildings and objects would fail to render visually
  • Addressed an issue where operation performance would sometimes degrade when players were too far apart from one another

The future of Fractured Lands is ever-changing, and since going into our newest roadmap changes, adding Deathmatch, new POIs, new weapons, and various optimizations, we’ve turned a corner on our development for the 1.0 Sandbox. We’ll be spending the next couple months on focused development towards that goal and hope to have some surprises in store for the next patch to come. Likewise, we’ll be using that time to show off some of our work, so look forward to the previews and be sure to send us your feedback along the way!

Lastly, look forward to the return of Dev Play Days at its regular schedule next week and a few promotions involving STORMRIDERS, special guests, and fun events!

Heavens’ on fire, needle’s in the red, flames getting higher, goin’ over the edge!

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