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E3 isn’t Easy! 6/15/18


Well, that was a long week. Since last we put a blog out, a lot has happened including running another Beta weekend date where we had some massive streaming from lots of supportive streamers, and notably some big names like ChocoTaco and Shroud! We’re humbled to have so many people giving the game a try, especially legends such as they but the key now is to listen to what they, others, and all of you have been saying and make the fixes and updates and feature changes necessary to make this game great! /

Following that, we also engaged in two simultaneous stresses that left us a bit ragged if we’re honest. First of which were of course 4 (recently changed from 3) intense Beta day schedules that needed tons of tender love and care! We got much of that care from the help of many creators, and community players jumping on just in time for E3 consumers and media to check out the game on the show floor. The same show floor space we shared with IndieCade, a really great group of people who got us into the E3 Hall and gave us amazing space and promotion on their showcase. That’s right, the second stress was operating a live show, well, the biggest show probably of the year for video games: Electronic Entertain Expo: E3! Still, we also had support from our great headset partner Lucid Sound who hosted us in their nearby suite and donated some headsets to the showcase in West Hall.

These two incredible partners, all the visitors, and players in our beta, really made for some intense action in-game and some exciting and fun conversations about fixes, the market, releasing a last-one-standing game, paying homage to all the post-apocalyptic franchises in film and game of the past, and in general just enjoying great video games.

We couldn’t have done any of it without help from so many people including all of you players and supporters so thank you, thank you!

Days march on however and we’re back in the office with the solace that we can at least be off our feet while we attack bugs, work on optimization, get more keys out and update you on everything we’re doing for Beta weekend 6/22.

Beta doesn’t mean we’ll be done with Fractured Lands though, not at all! We have so much more planned for after Beta, through our Early Access launch (this Summer!) and for the future, so stick with us, and like Choco said while playing “you gotta believe!”

Wrapping ducktape over these withered stems


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    I had a blast playing since the start of the beta!
    I’m curious about what sort of feedback loop you’ll have with the community supporting your game. I submitted a few bugs and concerns/thoughts on some aspects of the gameplay, as I’m sure many others have. Once you’ve reviewed them all, will you be communicating which things will be addressed vs which things are a “feature”? =P

    Also, is there an easier way to find out when the servers are live beside having to scan through shoutouts and retweets on the FracturedLands twitter feed? I was blindsided when the servers went live on Monday because at the end of Saturday, the in-game message gave Tuesday beta times. It’d be really sweet to build a schedule around the times the servers will go live, but I wasn’t able to do that this past week!

    On a final note, I’m so excited to see where this game goes! I appreciate being given keys and having the press embargo lifted! I was the first one live with the beta and the hype got my account Twitch Affiliate status! I can’t wait to see where things go next!


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