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Closed Beta Checklist and Salute 6/8/18

Closed Beta Weekend 1 begins today, and all hands are on deck to help things run smoothly for everyone. Likewise, we have some info, tips, and guidelines to share with you today to help you prepare as well for your first time playing Fractured Lands.

This is what you can expect when playing

  • Fractured Lands is a last-one-standing game where to win, you need to be the last one alive. This means anything from avoiding danger to plowing into it head on. To do that you’ll need to grab essential items for survival, which include weapons to take out your enemies, attachments to improve your weapons and your vehicle, armor to keep you and your ride from taking damage, health items such as staple guns, and duct tape, and equipment to survive in the storm…
  • A massive apocalyptic storm bears down on you from the start, it delivers damage to your wastelander, and moves pretty fast. If you get a headstart you can escape it on foot, but its good to have your vehicle by your side to make a quick getaway as that wall comes your way. You can also find different levels of gas masks that stave off death from the storm for just a little while longer…
  • Our vehicles are weighty, with enough forward acceleration they’ll deal some damage. When they take to the air after boosting up an incline, don’t stand where it lands. And everyone starts each match with one. You choose one of 8 cardinal directions, rev your motor and take off (or take an especially dangerous route behind you through the STORMRIDER STRONGHOLD for lots of loot and lots of competition).

This is a Beta, and we need your feedback to improve

  • Our build for Beta is an early representation of the final product. There are definitely components undone, and that should be no surprise to anyone. It’s our intention that this game, a Closed Beta, in advance of an Early Access release, be a game in development that with your feedback and help will become a game you will want to play for years to come!
  • Please look for unfinished portions, wonky parameters, ugly things, and just anything that comes to mind you’d like to see changed! We’d love your feedback and created a form for you to submit said feedback right on our website. You can find it on the lower right and it looks like this:
  • Click it and select “Beta Feedback Form” and leave us a message about any particular issue you run into!
  • We’d like you to submit any issue you see, however it would save us a lot of time going through submitted forms if you were to confirm in advance if your issue has already been reported by our internal team, for that purpose we’ve provided a list of those discovered issues we plan on fixing in subsequent builds.

Here is the list of known bugs we will be shipping with for Closed Beta


  1. Chance game freezing / black screen while loading into the pregame lobby


  1. First shot of a gun not consistently straight minus bullet drop off
  2. Unable to hear footsteps from behind the player
  3. Destroyed vehicles desync from server
  4. Some players load into the beginning of the match before others
  5. Player can get stuck on ledges in the main center pipe
  6. Items temporarily disappearing when you get close to them
  7. There is no way to split an item stack
  8. Cannot use fuel or repair kits while they are stored in the trunk (and trying so causes a sound loop). Need to move the item to your satchel to use it
  9. Map in spectator mode does not display the spectated player’s position
  10. Quick reload attachments inoperable (do not reload guns faster)
  11. Resolution option limited for some machines to 1080p


  1. Sun icon showing up in pregame lobby
  2. Invisible terrain collision in pregame lobby (most likely due to buildings not being streamed in)
  3. Vechile driving awkwardly / slow when another player is standing on the hood
  4. Can repair and re-gas destroyed vehicle
  5. Can’t drive vehicle at the beginning of a match (a current workaround is to get out of the vehicle and get back in)
  6. Item names in the inventory quick slot are over spilling out of the box
  7. Sunken / floating: loot / foliage / buildings
  8. Buildings are too dark
  9. Missing / clipping textures on buildings
  10. Some staircases with collision issues
  11. Weapons clipping on walls
  12. Baseball bat in the passenger seat of vehicle displaying incorrectly
  13. Weapons SFX not aligned with reload animation
  14. Incorrect SFX when damaging environment (i.e. Clubbing a couch sounds like clubbing wood)
  15. Vehicle audio ends if a player exits a car before the vehicle comes to a complete stop
  16. SFX persist while in loading screen when the match begins
  17. Vehicle attachments not making equipping SFX
  18. Missing visual and audio damage taken indicators
  19. Pipes have awkward collision or are transparent when inside them
  20. Equipping vehicle attachments are missing sounds or require normalization
  21. Dead enemy player’s character models are displaying incorrectly
  22. Enemy player’s movements on top of shipping containers give off dust SFX to player inside the container
  23. Hitching due to levels loading / unloading
  24. Player can pick up items while reloading
  25. Kill feed displaying the duplicate message twice
  26. Gun skins merging together in spectator
  27. Minimap in spectator mode not aligned correctly
  28. Players can hide on some windows / metal bar ledges

Last things to remember

We have recently lifted our streaming /content creation embargo, which means that if you were planning on streaming the game tonight, you’re free to do so, and we hope you enjoy playing while sharing the game with your friends! This is our first large live player pool for matchmaking, and while we don’t anticipate any major issues, should something occur that requires a major fix before players can continue it’s entirely possible we’ll have to take the servers down to fix it.

This first weekend is a limited Beta play window we know, but later days will be extended and with each day we play and test we’ll know more what needs to be tackled to get our game up to our standards, and likewise more of what you’d like to see in a game you want to play!

We’re sincere about our commitment to making this a Community Driven game and will do our very best to follow through on that promise. Thank you and enjoy Fractured Lands!

Do you think it’s getting weird around here? Absolutely.


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