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Early Access Patch Fix v. 2/5/2019

We have a brand new update here in the midst of Season 2, that coincides with our Journey to 1.0 Roadmap Phase 1 plans. As you might remember, we first showed off our development Roadmap at the tail end of last year, beginning with Phase 1:

A major part of that Phase is a relief to our players who want to jump into smaller, faster matches right away. To that effort, we’re launching SHANGRI-LA DEATHMATCH, a 12 max player free-for-all set in a smaller portion of the larger Battle Royale Wasteland–LIVE NOW!

Deathmatch has a two-player minimum, so even on lighter queues you’ll be able to get into a match, clash in the wasteland and earn some Season 2 EXP. We’ve been having fun with Deathmatch in testing and iteration for the last month or so, and we hope you enjoy it!

We’re continuing work on the larger 1.0 Roadmap, with lots of progress on our Sandbox mode to show for it; we’ll share more info on this soon! In the meantime, we’ll also be developing more content for Phase 1, and test and launch it with your community feedback.

For today’s Deathmatch release, we’ve made significant changes to the larger game, including a variety of alterations to the main Battle Royale map, UI adjustments, quality of life changes, and a brand new weapon, the Bobcat AR!

Check out the official notes below:

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed crash related to physx operation
  • Fixed crash related to auto-fill operation
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs when receiving experience
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurs when dying to the storm


  • Added New Game Mode
    • Added Shangri-La Deathmatch
      • The Shangri-La Trailer park, encircled by a Round 7 storm
      • A minimum of 2 players to begin a match
      • Players enter with the goal of scoring kills against other players, accounted for on the HUD
      • First player to 15 kills is declared champion and ends the match
      • 15-minute match timer likewise ends matches in the event no player reaches 15 kills
      • Player begins match with loaded G’Luck, 45 rounds of Fly-weight ammo, Level 1 Chest Armor Piece, and a Staple Gun
      • Additional weapons, ammo, armor, modifications, munitions, and satchels can be found throughout the map
      • Upon death, players respawn after a short timer to another location on the map
      • Player’s death location is marked on the minimap (for 30 seconds) and on the player peripheral HUD for ‘revenge kill’ opportunities, or to retrieve lost loot
      • Player Grave Markers remain for 180 seconds for anyone to loot
      • Hitting M (default) will pull up the match Kill/Death Ranking screen for all participants
      • Kill leaders are displayed on the HUD, a player must overtake the leader in number of kills to replace them as leader
  • Addressed various network optimizations for gameplay performance


  • Added boost hotkey functionality while driving
  • Added consumable toggle functionality while driving
  • Addressed vehicle tuning on impact damages
  • Added ammo count on vehicle mounted weapons
  • Addressed tuning on all vehicle weapons


  • Updated and revised “Shangri-La” with new trailer traversal POIs, new layout and design
  • Updated “Stormrider Stronghold” with new exterior ring POIs
  • Addressed distance on LODs, increasing draw distance using far proxy meshes
  • Addressed issues with various floating items and errant foliage
  • Addressed issues with various portions of terrain
  • Adjusted shadow and lighting for building interiors
  • Revised visual and audio details on Storm edge specific to Deathmatch

Weapons & On-Foot Gameplay

  • Added weapon: Bobcat AR
    • 3 round burst of fire for high damage
    • Lightweight ammo at high capacity
      • Uses a light-up magazine indicator that glows green when full and red when empty
    • Longer reload time compared to other weapons
    • Built-in stock and grip
    • Uses AR modifications for the muzzle, magazine, and scopes (can carry up to Hawk’s Eye or 4x Scope)
  • Revised weapon pickups in Deathmatch and Battle Royale/Tribe Battle Royale to now all come pre-loaded
  • Adjusted consumables:
    • Moonshine
      • changed delay from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
      • changed amount healed to 50 units of health from 75 units of health

UI & Menu

  • Directional indicators in the form of blood splatter on the HUD screen appear when damaged
    • If damage comes from the left, blood splatter appears on the left, damage on the right, blood shows on the right, and so on
    • Fall damage is shown in full-screen blood splatter
  • Revised look of consumable and fuel timers
  • Added Deathmatch to Mode selection screen
  • When hitting PLAY without first selecting a mode manually, the game will run Deathmatch by default

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where some loot does not render properly
  • Addressed various rendering issues with player and vehicle
  • Addressed issue where auto-fill function occurs regardless of whether or not it was checked in the Mode screen
  • Addressed various UI issues where text runs out of frame, as well as compass and map misalignments
  • Addressed certain issues related to the operation of VOIP

To celebrate our new update we’re spreading the news via the Steam Lunar New Year sale, which takes the game to a whopping 60% off! If you, or your friends haven’t picked up Fractured Lands, its only $9.99 for the week! Pick it up now to jump into the new Deathmatch, or get it today to get in early on the upcoming content in both Phase 1 and 2 like more modes and our Wasteland Sandbox! 

Also if you spend $30 on your Steam cart with any combination of purchases you can get $5 back! Check out the sale and learn more about the Steam Lunar New Year Rewards.

Thanks again as always for sticking around with us as we continue our Early Access development and get you the content, optimizations, and updates you want from Fractured Lands! Don’t forget to catch us tonight at 5 PM PT for some Dev Play Days where we’ll be diving back into Deathmatch, this time on the Live game!

It’s a free-for-all and I heard it said you can bet your life

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