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Closed Beta Patch Notes v. – 6/21/2018

Not even gonna color this up, we posted our patch notes going out for tomorrow’s Beta Weekend! We display every new set of patch notes on our “Game Updates” section under News on the website. Check out this little preview here:


You can read the full new patch notes on the latest tab on the left column. You can also compare it to the notes from our hotfix on 6/9 and our original Beta weekend Patch Notes on 6/8 on the right column.

We got in about as much as we could handle in the couple weeks between weekend’s but there are still many more changes and fixes (not to mention the myriad of feature and content updates for Early Access) we didn’t mention. Keep sending us your feedback as you play and we’ll do our best to make Fractured Lands the game you want to play on the regular…dare I say ‘main’.

It’s late, I’m tired, let’s go home!


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