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Where Do We Go From Here 6/6/18

Previously on social media, we shared a photo of one of our designers who put some work together on a point of interest on our map. A couple of you caught a reference to our game’s full map, which led us to choose either to flat-out-deny it ever happened and call you, yes YOU, a liar! Or we could simply tell you more about the map for Fractured Lands that you’ll be playing on in the Closed Beta.


Wastelanders find themselves starting each match at the STORMRIDER STRONGHOLD seated in their chosen vehicle ready to peel out into the dangerous world ahead of them. Before each map starts, players can choose which cardinal direction they’d like to begin facing, which puts them in prime position to drive straight to the STORMWALL DAM, skid over the OIL FIELDS, try their luck at the RED ASPHALT ARENA, or compete in the SLAUGHTER FIELDS.

As the debilitating storm makes its way over the map, players will eventually be funneled at random into these key areas, but with more matches under your belt, the greater your familiarity of the landscape, and we don’t doubt that many newly formed strategies will be executed in these remnants of a world now gone.

Keep in mind, just like in the rest of the game, your community feedback can lead to changes, and map names and areas are likely to evolve as we continue into Early Access and beyond.

We’ll continue to reevaluate this map as we develop as well and make it more useful for players.

Be sure to sign-up for Beta so you can check out these Fractured Lands yourself!

If anything’s going to happen it’s going to happen out there


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    Since the Battleroyale poped up.. I really asked and posted on forums to make MADMAX BR.
    But eh.. Now this is awesome. I played the Beta today.. and its awesome.. I wont judge on FPS drops .. but suggest to.
    1. Make storm faster..
    2. Make it more fun.
    3. Make bullets scarce.. That would help. that was madmax strongest suite. Make people collide with cars and bats in final run with guns that are slow..
    NICE EFFORT GUYS . Being small studios it good.. But if you succeed financially stay connected to fans in forums as much as you are now and success will be forever..
    Good Luck.. Will be playing again


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