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Here’s To You Beta Player – 6/5/18


Beta begins, Friday–this weekend, and we’re extremely grateful to everyone for signing up and getting themselves ready to play Fractured Lands. As a thank you to everyone who participates we’ve put together our first couple pieces of cosmetic gear. Among our Beta players, everyone who plays 3 matches or more during the Closed Beta will receive a Red Fractured Lands Storm shirt they can use in Early Access.


Beyond that, anyone who wins a match during the Beta period will earn themselves a Black Fractured Lands Storm shirt they can use in Early Access. This is the make and model of different: Red and Black are certainly not the same color! The system will automatically recognize when 3 matches are completed for each Beta player, and when that same player wins their first match. More than that though, you win status, the recognition of downed enemies who can view and value you as the new ruler of the Wasteland! While the pieces will be earned during Beta, they first become usable when Early Access begins and we’ve implemented our character creation system, a feature you can expect later.

We hope everyone enjoys the Beta, and we are looking forward to playing along with you! If you haven’t yet signed up for Beta, be sure to click the “Join Our Closed Beta” button on our website and signup!

Don’t forget to follow our social media, and join our new Discord channel. And check out our last Dev Blog where we published the Beta Schedule so you don’t miss a single test day!

Destroying cars is easier than earning shirts

PS: Jimmy our Producer wants a red/white/black shirt, “That’s right Paul I want all three colors!”


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