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Pump-Action! Kicks! 6/19/2018

Alright, here’s the 411 folks, let’s say some “gangsta” is “dissing” your “fly-girl”. You just give ’em one of these!


Thanks Moe!
Above here, you see the Remedy SG, our own apocalyptic Shotgun complete with brass knuckle grip, drum magazine extension and axe handle stock. Of course, these are all optional upgrades found buried in the storm waiting for you to claim them as your own.

Throw on a Crow’s RedEye scope and a crowd control muzzle for good measure and you have a potent short range weapon to give you an edge over other wastelanders. While you Beta players have likely seen and used one of these bad boys, we’re looking to add a new weapon fresh for this upcoming 6/22 Beta Weekend, so look forward to loading up and blasting out with some heavy firepower of a different kind!

Better Run Better Run

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