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A Day In The Life – 6/20/2018

Our Beta weekend is coming up and we are prepping a nice thorough Patch to look over that we’ll post details on tomorrow! In the meantime, we thought players could use a little bit of a primer to share with friends newly interested in trying the game. So this quick “day in the life”, prepared by our very own Lead Designer Eddie Rojas will hopefully give you a good idea of what you should expect, what you should try, and how to survive in the world of Fractured Lands:


What a lovely day!
What do you do when you’re dropped into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where around every corner is a bullet aimed at your head or a tire tread rolling over your face?







My very own weapon
Come with me if you want to live, and I’ll help you find your very first weapon, load it, and learn which ones help you how.







+1 Lethality
Those with an edge on the battlefield, are those who survive. Grab an attachment scope, grip, stock, magazine, or muzzle and shove the business end of that gun into other people’s carburetors.







Driver’s Ed
We don’t want no scrubs, no scrubs on the passenger side of this armored ride, so it’s time to school you on gettin’ where you’re goin’.












Souping this baby up
Come to the coast she said, have a few laughs. Well, she didn’t have to deal with some maniac with a spiked bumper ramming into our rear fender. How can we turn the tables on this joker?







You just got shot!
So you decided to peak out from behind that rock and now you’re bleeding. Don’t worry, we got just the “medicine” for that…watch out…this might sting a little.







Surviving the Storm
Well now that that’s over…hmm that’s funny, it suddenly got dark all of theOH MY GOD.







Only the Lonely
Finally, it’s time for some payback. I heard they made fun of your mom, your dog, your car, and your haircut. You’re not gonna let them get away with that are you?







I hope that helps induct some of the newbies around here. Look forward to tomorrow’s run-down on our next Beta Patch for some key info into what you can expect this weekend. Thanks for all the continued support for Fractured Land and see ya in the Wasteland!

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