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Play Style Part 4: EA Vanity – Exhaust & Lights

“But Robert!” You say.
“Yes wanton little wastelander?”
“When I think of car modification, I think of killer exhaust systems!”
“Say no more you tousle haired rapscallion of the wastes!”

Our vanity system includes a couple exhaust variations, including THIS very vent exhaust, a veritable manifold dream system for funneling the fuel into forgotten propellant miasma! ::ahem:: here it is…

Vent Exhaust


But hey, what’s that up top sticking out there? Well, young wastekinder, when your vehicle is deep in the storm, you’ll want a minor topside attachment to keep things clear.

Baja Lights


Fog Lights



Course this is purely academic as nothing actually lights up per say, but we’ll never tell! The above items are a cosmetic you’ll use in the upcoming Fractured Lands, might I remind, which is very soon nearing Early Access. As we continue development, we’ll take a few more breaks such as these to show off what’s in store. Thanks for sticking around with our Play Style feature on the Blog this week, just one more to go!

Who was he talking to?

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