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Play Style Part 3: EA Vanity – Vehicle Paints

One of the first things we introduced in our development schedule to car vanity was the idea that you can add a custom color. Yeah seems obvious, but we wanted to take it further and are setting vehicles up with some splashy colors should you so choose to use them.

With these colors, it’s almost like, no it literally is you painting a target on your back! But that kind of flair is a bit of a trophy for the bold who knows they can score in the wasteland in full vibrant gorey glory!


You might also notice a couple other hood ornaments we haven’t shown you before, like the Scarecrow Hood featured below:

This saw blade bookended hood with a bit of a penchant for gasmasks is the perfect adornment compliment to the skull totems, or really any vanity design you pick! There are plenty of other color options, and more vanity pieces you can expect. Be sure to wishlist your copy of Fractured Lands and get that immediate reminder when the game arrives to Early Access on Steam!

Color me impressed…I’ll see myself out

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