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Play Style Part 5: EA Vanity – Tops and Hair

It’s our last Play Style feature for the week and we’ll be showing you something that might have crept into our other media, or might not have in the past little while, and that’s character tops and hair options! We’re building a few first post-apocalyptic styles to put together in your ensemble for a day out in the wastes. Forget bullets whizzing by, or a spiked bumper slicing through your manifold, the real problem is WHAT TO WEAR!?

Sugar Skull Tank Top (purple)

V-neck (gray)


Feral Park V-neck (purple)

Now a nice clean cut might be tempting to avoid getting radiation-soaked dandruff but where’s the fun in that? Coif your favorite do in Fractured Lands!

Mohawk (silver)

Sidecut (pink)


There’s still much more we could share, but it pays to be patient and jump into an Early Access with hope in your heart for some killer pieces to fashion in the wasteland. Thanks for checking out our Play Style feature, and learning more about the upcoming vanity customization available in Fractured Lands! Be sure to wishlist your copy today on our Steam page and we’ll catch you all next week with more insight into what you can expect on launch day!

I’m going for the “overtired” community manager look “SO BOLD!”

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