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New Keyart / Community Tool Kit v.

Our illustrious illustrator and key art artist extraordinaire (like that flair?) Emilio Lopez has put together an awesome new piece for Fractured Lands! Featuring the launch introduced Razorback and vehicle-mounted machine guns and missile launchers, this new piece is a great showcase of the mayhem found in the refinery of our dangerous wastes.

Stellar work as always Emilio! Come check out his artstation here and follow him on twitter here! Looks like he’ll be at Keystone Comic Con, so if you’re in the Philly area be sure to go check out his booth and give him our compliments!

Thanks to this awesome new piece for the game, we updated our Community Tool Kit to version including new wallpapers and icons, for your desktop and phone! Check it out here!

We’ll be integrating this piece into our regular rotating images for our tips screens in the game, so keep an eye out for it when our next update hits, hopefully before the end of the week!

Also we have our planned Free Weekend / Double XP dates set for 9/20 10am PT through 9/23 1pm PT (that’s next week!), so be sure to invite your friends to try Fractured Lands for Free!

I think we should get him working on a new piece, don’t you?


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