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Fractured Lands Free Weekend / Double XP Bonus

Hey all, a few exciting things are coming up! We have a new update scheduled for next week that we’re in the middle of doing our final testing on. Should all go well we’ll be integrating a build that includes the previously shown RIPPER nail gun, our new munitions system and some new performance fixes that should make your experience in the wasteland a lot more fun!

To coincide with the release of this patch and further commemorate our mid-point of Season 1 we’ll be ushering a FREE WEEKEND on Steam for Fractured Lands Thursday 9/13 to Sunday 9/16*. Also for all the newcomers, returners, and even our regulars coming into the game XP rewards are doubled!

Now don’t let these awesome plans throw you! There’s still tons of fun to have in Fractured Lands in the meantime! Our Discord users have been meeting under PRIME TIME hours each day to make sure to get on at the best times to play and stream, so if you haven’t been following that schedule, here it is again as a reminder:

Stream time one (EU emphasis) 10 AM PDT / 5 PM GMT / 1 PM ET
Stream time two (NA emphasis) 6 PM PDT / 9 PM ET / 1 AM GMT
Stream time three (Asia/Oceania emphasis) 2 AM PDT / 6 PM JT / 7 PM ACT

Of course, jump on whenever you want and be sure to share the news about this FREE WEEKEND with friends interested in Fractured Lands.

And this bird you cannot change

*We’ve recently run into some issues with the latest update that we need a bit more time to work on. The update most likely will be ready before the end of the week, however, we aren’t confident that it will be in before Thursday morning, in time for our Free Weekend. To better ensure players have a good playing experience during this promotional period, we have made the difficult decision to delay the Free Weekend for the following week. We’re currently finalizing the details with Valve about the rescheduling, but tentatively are rescheduling for next Thursday-Sunday (9/20-9/23).

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