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Early Access Patch Fix v. 9/17/2018

Doing some more testing, but looks like we have our final candidate for v. scheduled to go out tomorrow approx. 12 noon PT. This new update has some preliminary performance fixes designed to improve your time in the wasteland as well as our preview items RIPPER and munitions. We also have some changes to the tail end of the match, and other minor adjustments to POIs and general bug fixes.

Check out all the changes in the notes below:

Revisions and Adjustments

  • Revised Storm:
    • Starting round circle diameter reverted to original size
    • Survive time between storm rounds reverted to original time
  • New Level of Detail (LOD) system pass
    • Further increased building resource load
  • New LOD system pass for foliage
  • New Powergrid POI added to:
    • Stormwall Dam
    • The Collapse
    • Steel Foundary
    • Gridlock Plant
    • Warmonger Compound
    • Mudflats
  • New Updated Building designs (all areas)
  • Revised “Play Again” button while in-match to spectate and queue the full minimum (10) before joining match
    • Note: Player can still early join pre-match lobby through front-end menu
  • Added new weapon: Ripper
    • Silenced sidearm that shreds vehicle and player armor
    • No ammo pickups associated
    • Fits in sidearm slot
  • Added new offensive system: Munitions
    • Pipe Bomb: deals physical damage within a certain radius
    • Dirty Bomb: creates a poison smoke cloud that obscures vision and deals damage over time
    • Sparkler Bomb: creates bright and loud visual distraction/alarm
  • Adjusted Dragon Breath Sniper rifle to no longer force players out of scope after firing
  • Revised loot spawn locations and quantities
  • Lowered the volume of vehicle horn SFX
  • Revised end-match display text to detail level/arena progress
  • Further revised localization text

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Removed 80% foliage appearing inside roads, rocks, and buildings
  • Addressed various instances of vehicles being stuck in collision errors
  • Removed additional instances of tree stump objects
  • Addressed various instances of floating objects
  • Addressed various instances of incorrect texture display for prop objects
  • Addressed various instances of collision errors with terrain objects
  • Addressed instances where textures would bleed on/off building walls
  • Addressed known areas of collision errors with rocks/boulders
  • Additional fixes to smooth terrain
  • Addressed various instances of “checkered” landscape
  • Addressed instances where shadow quality on low and medium settings would display incorrectly
  • Addressed instance where players would load into the game headless
  • Addressed instance where player’s camera would display incorrectly at the start of a match
  • Addressed instance where player received a bonus for killing an idle player
  • Addressed instance where the melee weapon would not deal damage
  • Addressed instances where loot appeared to be floating
  • Addressed issue where no SFX would trigger when equipping vehicle attachments
  • Further addressed instance where the Dustrider could not be flipped over when on its side
  • Further addressed instance where players could not exit the Dustrider while on its side
  • Further addressed issue where shooting the top of a Dustrider tire would inflict damage on the Dustrider’s health
  • Further addressed instances where vehicle collision would launch one or more vehicles extreme distances
  • Addressed instance where a player camera on the Razerback would adjust incorrectly when taking damage
  • Addressed instance where players could not modify the Razerback

Several known issues such as vanity unlock errors, and system processing when Alt + Tab continue to be evaluated. Likewise with the size of our map, as we adjust POIs we will continue to address and readdress clipping and collision problems.

As always thanks for your patience during our development process. We’re a small, dedicated team, but we hope this build and any subsequent updates will give a good impression to first-timers during our free weekend (9/20-9/23) as well as demonstrate our continued commitment to you veterans out there!

Season 2 is still in development as well, and we’ll be doing some previews hopefully next week to whet your appetite for what’s to come!

You’re in for a surprise, you’re in for a SHOCK!

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