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New AR Weapon: BOBCAT!

The last couple weeks we’ve been testing and refining our SHANGRI-LA DEATHMATCH but what we didn’t tell you, is that a new weapon is also ready to launch with our new mode! Our external testers had some hands-on time with it, but now it’s your turn to check out our new AR: the BOBCAT!

The Bobcat AR features a 3 round burst of fire for high damage! It’s armed with lightweight ammo at high capacity and uses a light-up magazine indicator that glows green when full and red when empty. Similar to the Wildhog LMG, the Bobcat compensates for its high damage output with a longer reload time necessary to fill up that high capacity magazine.

A built-in stock and grip keeps the Bobcat steady when firing and brings spread down to a minimum, but it can also be modified with similar muzzle & magazine attachments to the Straug AR. Unlike the Straug however, it allows for different attachable scopes, up to and including the Hawk’s Eye or 4x Scope.

The Bobcat is available in both SHANGRI-LA DEATHMATCH and our two Battle Royale modes; grab one in your next match and cut your teeth in the wasteland!

DEATHMATCH and the Bobcat arrive Tuesday, February 5th, along with a host of additional changes throughout the game and environment!

Lynx rufus mohavensis wastelandius

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