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Shangri-La Deathmatch!

As promised in this morning’s Dev Play Days Stream, we have some pretty important news to share:

Debuting soon as the first addition to our 1.0 development, for Phase 1 is: Shangri-La Deathmatch!

Similar to the classic Deathmatch mode found in shooters through the years, players spawn and respawn around a particular map, this time found in the Shangri-La Trailer Park. The Park is surrounded in a massive storm acting as a near instant death barrier to funnel the action.

Players come in equally with a loaded G’Luck, Lvl 1 Chest Piece, and some healing items. Scattered around the map are additional weapons (pre-loaded), ammo, modifications to those weapons, additional healing items, munitions, and armor upgrades.

Details and features in the new mode might shift with development as we begin some new testing and take in your feedback. We appreciate this chance to preview new content with players in Early Access as we work hard towards 1.0!

With the associated patch that releases Deathmatch in the core game, we plan on detailing the fine changes that will go into Fractured Lands surrounding this mode. There also might be some additional updates that affect both this and the Battle Royale & Tribe Battle Royale modes as well.

While we’re giving additional attention to this new mode nearing release, of course, we will continue to fully support our Battle Royale modes and continue our Dev Play Day schedules for opportunities to play both with the community.

More work from 1.0 is coming from Phase 1, and soon Phase 2 information will drop as well! Thanks again for your patience and support during Early Access, we hope you will enjoy Shangri-La Deathmatch in the wasteland!

I expect a tough, clean fight. Obey my command at all times. Any questions?

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