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Closed Beta First Patch Fix 6/9/18

Wow! Last night was very exciting for all of us here. It’s amazing watching a project you’ve been working on for so long finally get in the hands of players from everywhere! Everytime! Despite how many times we work on a game, and how trying it is to finally get it out the door, even in Beta, it’s such a thrill to watch players

We can’t thank everyone enough for jumping in last night and kicking off what we hope will be a lot of great Beta days! We have another one tonight, but of course, as expected during Beta testing you ran into a lot of issues we noticed, a few of which we wanted to do our best to address right away before testing again tonight. We took care of a few of those issues and put it in an update to the build (so be sure to check for that when launching) that go in today:

  • Multiple crash fixes for clients.
    We have a few rendering-related crashes that will need further info, so if you run into a crash tonight, please be sure to report the info in the report form so we can investigate. The (small) good news is all the crashes are isolated to the client and we had no issue with server crashes.
  • We made a fix to a previously unknown matchmaking bug, that we only were able to discover with a large number of players added to this Beta.
    This should help significantly for matchmaking tonight. This is one of the main reasons we need to do Beta tests like this because some bugs cannot be identified without lots of players to unearth it. Of course, we’ll continue to look for bugs like this as we continue each Beta testing period.
  • We temporarily removed motion blur.
    We eventually would like to make this a toggle-option, but lots of players complained about it, so for tonight’s test, the faster fix right now is simply to remove it, and we’ll put the work in to add more options later.
  • Mouse sensitivity is in increments of 5 instead of 10.
    Similar to motion blur, we want to make this more user-friendly, but adding custom numbers to type in, a mouse drag option for the number, or other options will take more time, so, for now, we’ve increased the option variable to allow for more fine-tuning by each player
  • Changed the base mouse speed, along with the min and max multipliers set in the settings
    We’ll continue to evaluate these options and ask that you continue to provide feedback about what kinds of settings/variables and adjustment options you’d like to see
  • Fixed a bug where changing the mouse sensitivity multiple times would result in an unplayable mouse speed
  • Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity and inversion settings were not loading after restarting the game
  • Added a new option in video settings to lock the framerate to 60 FPS
    We’re planning on adding a host of more video settings, but could get this one in quickly so wanted to implement it for use in tonight’s test
  • Update new server list.
    This will fix a bug where when we added new servers, player clients wouldn’t see them until they restart
  • Improved the backend server display info.
    This gives us more insight into server capacity and usage and helps us monitor matchmaking results and improve your time getting into a match

We hope with the above changes we’ll see some better performance for more players tonight. Of course we still expect to run into issues for players throughout the whole Beta period and even in Early Access, but that’s kind of the point of launching now, so that we can fix things for you along the way, and be nimble enough in our game development process to make the desired changes you in the community would like to see. Thank you for your patient evaluation of our game in progress and be sure to submit feedback to our support form on our website, as well as in the game.

See you tonight at 6 p.m. PDT for more Fractured Lands!

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