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Closed Beta: Another Patch Fix 6/22/18

The first day of our Beta Weekend 2 has come to an end, but we have two more 8 hour days of Fractured Lands fun tense, stressful combative mayhem!

Considering that however, we’ve created some tension of our own, by taxing our engineers, and QA staff to create additional fixes! It’s okay, blame me, not them, I am a cruel task-master of a community manager…

That said, I am also quite proud of the hard work they continue to pull off and am happy to surprise any of you with some of the additional fixes they’ve put into place with tonight’s *now live* patch fix for Beta Weekend 2.

  • Crash Fixes
    • Fixed crash encountered when applying changes to video settings
    • Fixed crash encountered when taking damage
    • Fixed crash encountered on player death, switching to Spectator
    • Fixed crash encountered when switching seats in a vehicle
    • Fixed crash encountered when inventory is sorted
  • Additional Bug Fixes
    • Addressed issue where minimap HUD didn’t properly display vehicle icon
    • Addressed issue where the player dies in pre-round lobby, which results in arriving dead in match screen

You’ll notice that quite a few of these are fixes to crashes. While we know many of you continue to suffer from issues such as low FPS, or getting stuck in a sideways car, we continue to test adjustments and fixes to these issues (including a lead on what might be making some players appear invisible to others). In the meantime, I hope many of you can benefit from not suffering as many crashes due to the above happenstances. …And maybe we’ll have less floating dead bodies wash up at the beginning of each round.

Be sure to update your client in advance of tomorrow’s hours with the above patch and get ready for some more time spent surviving in the wasteland!

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