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Closed Beta 06/08/2018 v.

Our first available Closed Beta Weekend, scheduled for 6/8-6/9/2018, will represent our first attempt at wide-audience participation. Since all of our testing has been in a Closed, invite-only environment, at fairly intimate numbers, we’re excited to see what feedback comes with a larger audience!

To give you a good understanding of what you’ll jump into in our first Closed Beta Weekend below represents the state of the game and a preview of the direction we’ve been exploring with development. Of course with your feedback, we’ll have lots of variations and fine-tuning to evaluate along the way.

Game Features

  • “Last One Standing” solo BR game mode, the first of many solo and team-based game modes
  • First person combat
  • Basic, alpha quality melee combat
  • Muscle car, the first of many vehicles available to drive
  • Vehicle fuel and repair pickups
  • Vehicle attachments that grant armor, alter driving performance and add utility to your car
  • Wastelander armor, gear, and gas masks to help you survive the storm
  • Player health and boost pickups
  • The first batch of 7 post-apocalyptic weapons, with many more to come in each category
  • Dozens of weapon attachments spanning all weapon types

Known issues

  • Scale testing – we will be starting closed beta with a smaller player count than we are planning for Early Access and increasing that count throughout the beta
  • Environment density and variety – we are still in the process of fleshing out the wastelands. We will continue to add more and varied locations throughout Early Access
  • Performance – we will be optimizing client-side and networking performance throughout closed beta
  • Weapon art – some weapons are not textured, and many weapon attachments are using temporary visuals
  • Inventory – some advanced features of the inventory such as splitting stacks, fueling, and equipping vehicle parts are in an unfinished state
  • Map – some basic map features such as zooming and pinning are under development
  • Sound – sound is still being implemented and balanced for the optimal gameplay experience
  • UX – much of the front-end is under construction, and much of the presentation is temporary, including all icons in the game

Early access features not yet implemented

  • Player progression, including vanity customization of your wastelander and vehicle
  • More vehicles and attachments
  • Tactical munition items such as explosives and traps

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