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Play Style Part 1: EA Vanity – Hood & Rear

It’s been a while! We’ve been neck deep in work developing new content, updating and adding features, and address performance an optimization for Early Access, it’s put us a bit behind on the “showing you what we’re up to” front. We thought we’d dip back in with some pieces from our upcoming vanity/cosmetic system for vehicles and characters in Fractured Lands!

That’s right, I said VEHICLES as well as characters. You saw the Beta exclusive storm red and black t-shirts that you can put on your customized character, and you’ve played the game with a variety of pants, tops, gloves, boots, and hairstyles. There’s more coming to that we’ll talk about soon, but first, this week, I wanted to give you a bit of a peek into the ways in which you can kit out the vehicle you take into every match.

Let’s start with the rear…don’t get nervous now.

We have a couple different back spoiler vanity pieces that enable you to change out the look of the dustrider when you’re out on the wasteland. While these don’t add the aerodynamic spoil of high-speed turbulence they’re designed for, they do give your ride a bit of personality.

Skull Cross Totems


Likewise we have a set of hood ornaments that you don’t typically find on ebay…well not the ebay we go to. Okay just that one time.

Ram Skull Hood

We’ll be showing off more pieces, and more vanity options, as well as talking further about the upcoming content this week, next week and further on. Check back often and don’t forget to wishlist your copy of Fractured Lands on our Steam Page so you can pick up your copy for Early Access!

I got this fresh whale tail on my lowered covered wagon

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