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Early Access Patch Notes v. 7/31/2018


The patch notes are now live! With so much to read, you’ll hardly have any time to play…

Nevermind the patch notes, just jump on the game!!! We launch our Early Access v. TONIGHT at 12am PDT on the dot, so be sure to get your copy wishlisted now, and be ready to download, install and play in the wastelands of FRACTURED LANDS!

BUUUUT just in case you wanted to read those patch notes…here’s the link: along with comparisons to our last Beta patch for reference.

How about I meet you in the middle… here’s a quick digest of the fixes!

  • Optimization Improvements!
  • New Vehicle, the Razorback!
  • New Attachments, Vehicle Weapons!
  • New Vanity Customization for both Character and Vehicle!
  • Environment improvements galore!
  • First Season Arena FREE!
  • And tons of bug fixes!


Hope you like it all! But in case you have any issues along the way, as always, please share your feedback with us so we can continue to make improvements during Early Access. We’ll be monitoring feedback, opening new channels to talk about the game, and adding new opportunities for you to help us shape Fractured Lands into the game (with a lot of potential!) that we know it can be.

Thanks so much for your continued support, and we’ll see you TOMORROW in the wasteland!

Itchy trigger finger on that “release” button…

PS, if you’re a streamer, content creator, or just passionate about supporting a Fractured Lands community, reach out to us and apply to our STORMRIDERS partner program here!

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