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Early Access Patch Notes v. 7/31/2018


The patch notes are now live! With so much to read, you’ll hardly have any time to play…

Nevermind the patch notes, just jump on the game!!! We launch our Early Access v. TONIGHT at 12am PDT on the dot, so be sure to get your copy wishlisted now, and be ready to download, install and play in the wastelands of FRACTURED LANDS!


How about I meet you in the middle… here’s a quick digest of the fixes!

  • Optimization Improvements!
  • New Vehicle, the Razorback!
  • New Attachments, Vehicle Weapons!
  • New Vanity Customization for both Character and Vehicle!
  • Environment improvements galore!
  • First Season Arena FREE!
  • And tons of bug fixes!

If you want to read the full notes here you go!


It’s here, a day we’ve worked towards for a long time, and we have–thankfully, MUCH to show for it, in no small part due to the support of friends, family, and players like all of you reading this today. Tonight at 12am PDT (July 31st, 2018) we will be launching v. our Early Access of Fractured Lands! As before you can compare the changes we made in our last Beta update to the right, but of course there’s a wealth to read about below, but still so much more we plan on adding!

Many of you have asked about duos, squads, or non-solo multiplayer modes. New multiplayer modes are on the way. Many of you have asked for even more vehicles! We added a new one you can play soon, and we’re adding more in Early Access. Many of you have said we should do more with this world than Battle Royale…we’re planning on that too.

What that will be and how well Fractured Lands goes from here is up-in-the-air but we’re here on the ground ready to catch it wherever it lands, and keep things moving for a long time to go! Thank you again for sticking with us, but now’s the time to buckle in, cause we’ve just fueled up and are ready to go farther than ever before!

Game Features

UI & Menu

  • Added Character customization:
    • New vanity categories
      • Appearance (24 options)
      • Hair (12 options)
      • Face Paint (5 options)
      • Eyewear (4 options)
      • Tops (15 options)
      • Pants (7 options)
      • Gloves (4 options)
      • Melee (9 options)
      • Boots (5 options)
    • Added Vehicle customization:
      • New vanity categories
        • Paint Job (9 options)
        • Hood (6 options)
        • Lights (4 options)
        • Rear (4 options)
        • Exhaust (3 options)
        • Plate (9 options)
        • Horn (4 options)
      • Added Arena and Character Progression
        • Ranks 100 to 1 in a 60 day (approx.) period (Season)
        • Added Season 1 items
      • Added new Localizations for Menus and in-game text:
        • Spanish
        • Deutsch
        • French
        • Italian
        • Portuguese
        • Russian
      • Added Steam Localization for all inventory items on Steam Account
      • Added Steam Localization for Purchase Page
      • Added “Redeem” field for individual code items
      • Added and revised icons for all items


  • Revised Level Object Streaming System
  • Adjusted Level Streaming Distances
  • Applied and Adjusted [Preview] Hierarchical Level of Detail (HLOD) System: FIRST PASS
  • Additional texture pass for all areas
  • Added new textures and models to Oil Fields
  • Added new Freeway Models
  • Added new Ruin Building Set Models
  • Added new propped warehouse models
  • Added new propped apartment complex
  • Added new textures to Refinery point of interest
  • Smoothed various rough landscapes
  • Added various new collision meshes
  • Removed redundant objects from propped buildings
  • Adjusted loot in Refinery & Destroyed Building set in Remnant
  • Added loot drops to silos, sniper towers
  • Added loot drops to Mini-Mall 3-story building
  • Added props for Mini-Mall 3-story building
  • Added new props in all areas
  • Adjusted props in all areas
  • Removed collision for various non-destructible “thin” items (ie, fences)
  • Revised storm behavior
    • Storm moves to new location inside and outside of previous storm boundary for every round
    • Red map overlay moves in the direction of the new storm location
    • Reduced storm damage significantly during rounds 1 through 6
    • Increased damage value exponentially per round from rounds 6 to 8
    • Storm damage during rounds 1 through 4 have higher max distance to travel variable to size
    • Storm damage during rounds 5 through 8 have lower max distance to travel variable to size
    • Time for circle to close on storm increased for every round to accommodate for distance travel

Weapons & On-Foot Gameplay

  • Melee strike cone increased
  • Added new models for weapons attachments
  • Added new scope reticles
  • Revised weapon scope meshes
  • Reduce damage output of Dragun Breath SR to reduce Single Head Shot Kills when Level 2 Helmet equipped
  • Ammo weight reduced by about 50%, so that players may carry more ammo
  • Weights on all Pistol attachments greatly reduced
  • Vehicle consumables (fuel, repair) shifted from weapon loot table to vehicle loot table
  • Increased fuel consumable drop rate
  • General loot-drop percentage adjustments
  • Slight decrease to fall damage
  • Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sight by reducing distance from the reticle pivot point
  • Changed the name of “Stealth Muzzle” attachments to “Blink Muzzle” to avoid confusion with the “Ghost Muzzle” attachments.


  • Changed the name of “Muscle Car” to “Dustrider”
  • Added vehicle: Razorback
    • Added Razorback vehicle attachments
      • Standard Wheels
      • Offroad Wheels
      • Armored Wheels
      • Rocketjump Wheels
      • Side Armor
      • Spiked Armor
      • Full Armor
      • Trunk Stash
      • Guzzler Tank
      • Jet Booster
    • Razorback top speed of 120kph compared to Dustrider 80kph; 0-60 acceleration between both vehicles is identical
    • Razorback has a gas unit capacity of 4 and starts at 2 compared to Dustrider gas unit capacity of 6 and starts with 3
    • Razorback has 100 unit weight capacity, compared to Dustrider 200 unit; however, Razorback part attachments have lower overall weight compared to Dustrider parts
    • While Jet Boosters on the Dustrider consume .25 additional units of gas with each use, Razorback Jet Boosters consume no additional gas with use
    • Razorback Machine Guns and Missile Launchers have a droprate percentage twice that of the Dustrider
  • Added vehicle weapons:
    • Razorback
      • Machine Guns
      • Missile Launchers
    • Dustrider
      • Minigun
      • Missile Launcher
    • Once equipped to vehicle, hold LMB to fire high caliber rounds or homing missiles
    • Ammo is limited, but count is not currently provided in the UI
    • Removing used vehicle weapons and replacing with a different vehicle weapon pickup will replenish ammo
  • Added vehicle horns:
    • Horn is defaulted to middle mouse button, MMB.
    • Vanity horn noises are available through player Arena
  • Player characters can no longer remain on top of a vehicle
  • Players now take damage when exiting their vehicles at high speeds
  • Explosion damage radius added for destroyed vehicles

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Implemented Anti-Cheat System & Synced with Valve Anti-Cheat
  • Various improvements to optimization settings, level streaming, and performance variables
  • Added VSync option
  • Added motion blur option toggle
  • Revised Support Page options
  • Added Unbroken Studios Credits

Known Issues and their Status


  • Fixed an issue where game would crash when starting up
  • Fixed crashes related to Nvidia Physx system errors


  • Fixed an issue where a match would remain active with two players even when only one player was alive
  • Fixed issue where a player would be kicked to the main menu after joining a pre-game lobby
  • Fixed an issue where the storm would sometimes not damage players
  • Addressed an issue causing players to become invisible to others
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s vehicle spawns in and the player is unable to drive until player either exits and reenters the vehicle or player applies handbrake.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not hear SFX (footsteps and vehicles) occurring behind them
  • 90% of buildings, foliage, props, and loot are appropriately grounded
  • Removed additional foliage inappropriately placed inside closed buildings/structures
  • Addressed foliage known to result in instances of unfair collision
  • Removed collision on foliage: cactus
  • Removed various invisible collision inside and outside Refinery
  • Added proper collision to steel beams in Refinery
  • Revised collision in areas of the Refinery where players reported instances of getting stuck
  • Revised collision in Billboard points of interest where players reported instances of getting stuck
  • Revised collision on various buildings where players reported instances of getting stuck
  • Improved level streaming quality for various points of interest
  • Fixed an issue where melee animation was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where “jump wheels” did not properly flip a car over
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would jump’ when a player entered them
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles would stutter while coasting
  • Fixed issues with decals not displaying properly
  • Fixed an issue where changing the Interact key would still display HUD interactions as the default ‘F’ Key
  • Fixed an issue where players previously could not bind Mouse Wheel Up to an action
  • Fixed an issue where players would join a pregame lobby as a spectator
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes sprinting into a vehicle causes it to desync, rendering it unusable
  • Fixed an issue where players could hold more weight than allotted


  • Fixed an issue where player’s name was not properly displaying in the kill feed
  • Fixed an issue where camera reorients when player moves through foliage
  • Fixed an issue where weapon models would stack by swapping between weapons
  • Fixed an issue where bullet impacts VFX on a moving vehicle would remain static in the air after the vehicle moved
  • Fixed an issue where weapons were using a different weapon SFX
  • Fixed an issue where players would expend additional bullets when firing
  • Fixed an issue where players would remain aiming down sight when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where a player would finish reloading when entering a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Muzzle (SMG) attachments SFX were not being heard by enemy players
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Muzzle (SMG) attachment made additional “popping” SFX
  • Fixed an issue where some loot could not be picked up by the player
  • Fixed an issue where an item model remained after it was picked up by the player
  • Fixed an issue with the landscape in Las Calderas and Last Bastion, preventing players from looting some structures
  • Fixed an issue where if a player was carrying the exact weight capacity limit, they could not equip a weapon attachment without dropping an item
  • Fixed various incorrect SFX when player is walking across certain surfaces
  • Fixed an issue where the modify vehicle and enter vehicle boundaries would shift and change
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes vehicle wheels were indestructible
  • Fixed an issue where Muscle Armor Spikes would kill players in an opposing vehicle with minimal impact
  • Fixed various instances of a character model clipping into objects
  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to use character consumables from the vehicle inventory menu
  • Fixed an issue where SFX were not playing when equipping/unequipping vehicle attachments from the trunk
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes if a player flipped their vehicle on the side, they were unable to get out
  • Equalized SFX volume for items placed into the trunk of a vehicle
  • Disconnect icon appears in game menu while player is connected to the internet


Not Fully Addressed


  • Additional known crashes related to Nvidia Physx system errors


  • An issue where the player stats recap page often doesn’t properly display accurate info
  • An issue where sometimes destroyed cars continue to drive on their own
  • An issue where player movements on top of certain floors give off dust VFX to player beneath them
  • An issue where resolution 3850×2160 doesn’t properly display the full screen
  • An issue where windows aren’t properly destructible


  • An issue where some loot, foliage, buildings, and objects remain misaligned with the floor
  • An issue where some textures continue to improperly display
  • An issue where some objects a missing proper collision
  • An issue where curved stairs on silos retain awkward pathing collision
  • An issue where weapon graphical asset clips through walls
  • An issue where sometimes the incorrect SFX played when damaging environment
  • An issue where vehicle audio ends if a player exits a car before the car comes to a complete stop
  • An issue where SFX persist while in loading screen when the match begins
  • An issue where dead enemy player character models are displaying incorrectly
  • An issue where sometimes when a character model body rolls downhill, when it stops it cannot be looted
  • An issue where some foliage continues to have collision
  • An issue where some non-English localized menu screens don’t fully display the newly chosen text
  • An issue where some landscape is less detailed or improperly textured
  • An issue where a player firing animation implies more shots than the ammo count or the impact of fire
  • An issue where armor HP does not display correctly within the inventory menu
  • An issue where if a player attempts to select a cardinal direction before a match that is full, nothing informs the player the reason it cannot be selected
  • An issue where the camera during match countdown is positioned facing a player from the side

Hope you like it all! But in case you have any issues along the way, as always, please share your feedback with us so we can continue to make improvements during Early Access. We’ll be monitoring feedback, opening new channels to talk about the game, and adding new opportunities for you to help us shape Fractured Lands into the game (with a lot of potential!) that we know it can be.

Thanks so much for your continued support, and we’ll see you TOMORROW in the wasteland!

Itchy trigger finger on that “release” button…

PS, if you’re a streamer, content creator, or just passionate about supporting a Fractured Lands community, reach out to us and apply to our STORMRIDERS partner program here!

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