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Early Access Patch Fix v.01.0.1 8/1/2018

Early Access is LIVE and kicking, and make no mistake…there are issues…that we’re fixing! Still much to do but that’s why we went with the Early Access program. Fractured Lands needs players finding issues on a large map, over many matches, with feedback addressing aspects all over.

Unbroken Studios is a team of veteran developers, and one thing you learn when making games for as long as we have is that you need help to find and fix the worst development problems, so thank you from all of us for giving Fractured Lands a shot and helping us shape it to be better and better!

With that, we have some good news, our first Patch Fix is going live tonight, to update the game with some immediate fixes and tweaks. Of course, more are on the way, but some take longer than others, so we appreciate your patience as we tackle everything one by one. On to the notes!

  • Crash Fixes
    • Fixed crash encountered sometimes when selecting the 2nd character slot
    • Fixed crash encountered sometimes when using the Horn
    • Fixed crash encountered sometimes when interacting with the HUD
    • Fixed visual crash encountered sometimes when viewing inventory
    • Fixed crash encountered sometimes when selecting a cardinal direction before a match
  • Additional Bug Fixes
    • Reduction in errors occurred when exiting vehicles
    • Revised calculation of player percentages in Arena menu
  • Revisions and Adjustments
    • Additional updates to in-game Localized text
    • Added option to toggle ADS in Settings Menu
    • Adjusted Missile Launchers (Razorback) and Missile Launcher (Dustrider)
      • Homing Missiles will no longer target player characters (only vehicles)
      • Homing Missiles damage output has been reduced

The update should be going out around 9pm PDT, so look out for it and let us know how the above adjustments feel.

Talk to you guys again soon and hope to see you playing!

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