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Closed Beta Patch Notes v. – 6/28/2018

This is it, our last Beta Weekend and the last time to try out Fractured Lands before we hit Early Access! It’s been a boon as we’ve received so much in terms of feedback, bugs reported, and support from interested players as to make this a very fruitful journey all along the way. Likewise, it’s been a burden, as we’re sad to see the conclusion of these play opportunities for our community, but we hope that with absence, the updates made into Early Access will all the more impressionable. The hope to make the changes you’ve asked for, the improvements you expect at that stage, and likewise surprises in the form of features not yet added but planned and upgrades/changes we’ve hinted at.

There’s a lot to think on and look forward to, but we don’t want to distract you from the very important job of finishing this Beta strong, with plenty of new feedback and reported issues based on the changes we’ve made this week, and even startling us a little bit, there are quite a few changes!

You won’t see as many visual or gameplay changes as between Weekends 1 and 2, but, we hope, you’ll notice a variety of improvements to the performance, and a clear direction on additions and adjustments that you have been wanting and talking about since you first tried the game early June.

Please check out our Full Closed Beta Patch Notes in the Game Updates section, and be sure to update your Fractured Lands client on Steam for 10 a.m. PDT 6/29! Likewise, check the front page or this previous blog post if you’re wondering when Beta begins each day.

That’s enough reminiscing from us, see you tomorrow!

Nostalgic to a fault

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