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State of Fractured Lands / Featured STORMRIDER

Hello wastelanders! It’s been a little over a week since our last public update and I wanted to give you a status on the development as of late.

I’ve mentioned before that we’re working on a major back-end integration. This is in part with some major updates to the Unreal Engine. The end result won’t be an obvious feature upgrade or change, but rather a system upgrade that allows us to take new steps in optimization and improvements to level loading, vehicle performance, weapon performance, and a variety of other aspects. The changes likewise won’t be immediate but this will lead to large improvements overall in the coming weeks and months.

An update patch incorporating the new implementation of this system should be next week. We likewise have a couple other feature upgrades, but the bigger, more exciting stuff is still on the horizon and being prepared to go live closer to the end of Season 1.

In the meantime, with the previous four patches behind us, that added features such as queueing while spectating, the car flip function, tighter hit registration, screen indicators and more, there’s still tons of fun to be had in the wasteland. As evidenced by the amazing streams, video content, and exciting burgeoning community being developed these last four weeks!

And that leads me to my next thought, celebrating the great players we’ve had in our Partner Program known as the STORMRIDERS!



We recently enacted a sort of MVP recognition of some top players and partners. The top role: WARMONGER chosen directly by us at Unbroken Studios, and an additional four awarded STORMRIDERS given the new designation RAIDER!

These excellent specimens of community strength have contributed in a myriad of ways, their accomplishments outlined in our newly displayed feature on the Community Page found here!

Be sure to check out the clips and links to their efforts, and give a big congratulations to OUKEEF, CRIMSON COMMANDR, REVELSTRIKE, SGTCOREUPT, and -KAI-TZU- for their amazing contributions! We’ll have new honorees each month and be celebrating these and our other STORMRIDERS for their assistance throughout the game’s development.

Coming soon! A preview of new content for Fractured Lands!

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