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Early Access Patch Fix v. 11/5/2018

Season 2 is nearly here and will launch late in the morning on 11/6! We’re making some final bug fixes before we launch the new season content, including our new TEAM BATTLE ROYALE and new vehicle the JUGGERNAUT that we’ve talked about before!

We also have some additional new fixes for lingering bugs planned for the next couple days, that we just couldn’t get in on time but we’ll continue to address issues with performance and optimization as we drop this new update.

Don’t forget we have a new FREE WEEKEND as well to look forward to on the 8th-11th so be sure to invite your friends and any of your favorite streamers and content creators to give the game a try for free then! We’ll also be dropping a discount of 30% for anyone looking to purchase the game after the weekend ends.

While you wait for the update to go live, check out the initial patch notes below to see all the cool new stuff you can expect!


  • Added New Game Mode
    • Added Team Battle Royale Mode
      • Players can invite friends from their Steam profile to join up into a Tribe (up to 4)
      • Players can autofill their Tribe to join a Team match
      • Players can accept Tribe invites through an envelope on the lower left of the Main Menu screen or via Steam Chat message
      • Players can be downed while in team mode, and recovered by fellow teammates
      • Players in a Tribe can view other teammates health, vehicle choice, and location on the map and minimap
    • Added Voice Chat (VOIP)
      • Players can select team chat, both voice activated and push to talk
      • Players can select global chat options and voice volume options in the Audio section of the Settings menu
      • Players can bind push to talk button and mute buttons in the Bindings section of the Settings menu
  • Adding Grave Markers
    • Players who are killed or die are given a grave marker for easy loot access, regardless of the location of their body
    • Custom grave markers can be earned as season rewards


  • Added vehicle: Juggernaut
    • Added Juggernaut vehicle attachments
      • Standard Wheels
      • Offroad Wheels
      • Armored Wheels
      • Rocketjump Wheels
      • Grinder Armor
      • Plow Armor
      • Basic Doors
      • Armored Doors
      • Trunk Stash
      • Extra Fuel Tank
      • Jet Booster
      • Machine Guns
      • Missile Launchers
    • Juggernaut top speed of 80kph equal to Dustrider 80kph; 0-60 acceleration, however, is much less than both Dustrider and Razorback
    • Juggernaut has a gas unit capacity of 8 and starts at 6 compared to Dustrider gas unit capacity of 6 and starts with 3
    • Juggernaut has 400 unit weight capacity, compared to Dustrider 200 unit; however, Juggernaut part attachments have a higher overall weight compared to Dustrider parts
    • While Jet Boosters on the Dustrider consume .25 additional units of gas with each use, and Razorback Jet Boosters consume no additional gas with use, the Juggernaut consumes a .5 unit of gas with each use of the Jet Boosters
    • Juggernaut Machine Guns and Missile Launchers have a droprate percentage equal to that of the Dustrider
    • Juggernaut has 2800 units of health compared to the Dustrider 700 and the Razorback 300
    • Juggernaut has higher impact damage to enemy vehicles, and reduced overall player damage taken when striking an enemy vehicle
    • Juggernaut has less overall climb compared to Dustrider and Razorback
    • Juggernaut player character capacity is 5 compared to 3 on Dustrider and 1 on Razorback
  • Revised Dustrider seating capacity to 3 from 2
  • Revised passenger function on vehicles to allow for players to fire weapons from vehicles
  • Addressed an issue where vehicles would come to a halt after an attachment is shot off
  • Addressed an issue where the “Conspiracy Theory” vehicle paint no longer glowed
  • Addressed instances where vehicles striking other vehicles would cause them to fly


  • Updated “Remnant” map location with revised layout and loot locations.
  • Revised surrounding POIs to “Remnant” map location
  • Updated “Murdercross Tracks” with new racetrack and POI layout designs
  • Updated “Warmonger Compound” and removed various foliage items
  • Added variety of new POI buildings
  • Revised landscape for improved vehicle traversal
  • Adjusted collision on interior furniture items
  • Addressed issues with various floating items and errant foliage
  • Addressed issues with various portions of terrain
  • Addressed issues with collision errors on rock geo
  • Addressed issues with collision on “Stormrider Stronghold” architecture
  • Addressed issues where players would get stuck in stair collission on “Stormrider Stronghold”
  • Addressed various environment clipping issues
  • Addressed various level streaming issues
  • Increased distance on LODs
  • Adjusted direction display for shadows
  • Adjusted shadow and lighting for props inside buildings
  • Revised storm effect for improved performance

Weapons & On-Foot Gameplay

  • Added weapon: Valhalla SMG
    • Higher rate of fire and comes with built-in silencer
    • Uses flyweight ammunition
    • Fits in Primary or Secondary weapon slot
  • Added new attachment: hammer stock
    • Attachable only to Valhalla
    • Reduces recoil
  • Added new feature: weapon stripping
    • In player inventory, weapon stripping icon now displays in weapon slots
    • Removes all attachments and ammo from equipped weapon
  • Added new consumable: HiOctane
    • Health-over-time for 120 units over 3 minutes
    • Takes 8 seconds to consume
    • Weighs 50 units
  • Adjusted Duct Tape consumable to apply to all health units (beyond the 75% marker)
  • Adjusted Duct Tape consumption time to 2 seconds down from 4 seconds
  • Adjusted Duct Tape health restoration to 5% down from 10%
  • Adjusted Staple Gun consumable to apply to all health units (beyond the 75% marker)
  • Adjusted Staple Gun weight to 35 down from 50 units
  • Adjusted Staple Gun consumption time to 3.5 seconds down from 7 seconds
  • Adjusted Staple Gun health restoration to 40% down from 75%
  • Adjusted Moonshine consumption time to 2 seconds down from 4 seconds
  • Adjusted all healing consumables to apply while walking (sprinting will cancel consumption action)
  • Adjusted look of spawned gas masks to better distinguish between them
  • Adjusted the position of ammo that spawns with weapons
  • Adjusted the distance values of the bolt action SFX on the Dragunov and Remedy
  • Adjusted Cauterizing Torch consumption SFX
  • Addressed an issue where SFX would stack when a player moved a consumable item between the ground, inventory and truck while using another consumable item
  • Addressed an issue where Moonshine timer would disappear when using a 2nd Moonshine while the current consumable timer was active
  • Addressed issues where loot was not lootable via the interact key
  • Addressed an issue where Dragunov barrel tip appears untextured
  • Addressed an issue where killed player’s body would desync and ragdoll, making the player unlootable
  • Addressed an issue where the Remedy would improperly display while spectating

UI & Menu

  • Added Character customization:
    • New vanity items
      • Hair (8 new options)
      • Face Paint (6 new options)
      • Eyewear (2 new options)
      • Tops (12 new options)
      • Pants (5 new options)
      • Gloves (2 new options)
      • Melee (4 new options)
      • Boots (2 new options)
    • New vanity category
      • Tattoo (7 options)
  • Added Vehicle customization:
    • New vanity items Dustrider
      • Paint Job (4 new options)
      • Hood (2 new options)
      • Lights (1 new option)
      • Rear (1 new option)
      • Exhaust (1 new option)
      • Plate (9 new options)
      • Horn (1 new option)
    • New vanity items Razorback
      • Paint Job (5 new options)
      • Front (2 new options)
      • Handlebars (1 new option)
      • Rear (1 new option)
      • Exhaust (1 new option)
      • Plate (9 new options)
      • Horn (1 new option)
    • New vanity items Juggernaut
      • Paint Job (9 options)
      • Hood (5 options)
      • Top (2 options)
      • Rear (3 options)
      • Exhaust (3 options)
      • Plate (17 options)
      • Horn (4 options)
  • Added Style Option
    • Added Grave Options
      • Grave (4 options)
  • Updated map and minimap for greater representation of areas
  • Updated map to display place names of major POIs
  • Added map pinning feature
    • Players can set and remove markers on the map with a mouse click (left to place, right to remove)
  • Adjusted experience SFX on the recap screen
  • Updated Localization for latest items
  • Addressed an issue where boost icons on the HUD were blocking the Report button for spectators

We have more things to address and will update players on our known issues tomorrow as well as show interested parties a look at some of the new content, like our updated map and team mode features!

Fresh from some external playtests playing with teams!

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