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Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/8/2018

We’re in our second week of Early Access and have a bunch more changes to hopefully improve your experience playing Fractured Lands! If you gave the game a try on day one, there’s much that’s being done to optimize the game and give you each round added personality that’s distinctly apocalyptic.

We’re hoping to do one more update this week as well, so if you don’t see your oft-requested item on the list below, there’s still much we’re working to modify as we move through this early period of release.

On to the notes!

Crash Fixes:

  • Fix crash encountered rarely when using health restoration items

Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Adjusted Dustrider body collision structure:
    • Additionally rounded physics structure (capsule shape)
    • Reduces likelihood to land or remain on its side
      • NOTE: Dustrider can still land on its side and remain, however in fewer circumstances
  • Increased landscape collision width:
    • Reduce issues related to unexpected vehicle/ground collision (vehicles clipping landscape)
  • Addressed issue where equipped melee item appears in player leg on Character Front End screen
  • Addressed issue where Notification screen text doesn’t appear on Front End screen
  • Addressed issue where default character body would appear before applied vanity customization
  • Addressed issue where character audio FX while in storm applied only male audio regardless of selected gender

Revisions and Adjustments:

  • Adjusted character audio FX while in storm:
    • Revised audio files for male and female genders
    • Reduced audio application frequency
  • Adjusted suppressed audio FX:
    • Reduced distance audio FX can be heard by 30% when suppressed
  • Greatly reduced damage taken when exiting vehicles at high speed
  • Reduced fall damage by 20%
  • Reduced damage taken when colliding with objects on Razorback by 50%
  • Removed head damage multiplier when using melee
  • Revised pickup/inventory item assets with full color display
  • Revised Staple Gun pickup asset
  • Revised Rage Boost pickup asset
  • When dying to fall damage, storm damage, spectate view now chooses the closest living player
  • Added on screen blood FX when taking character damage
    • NOTE: FX does not apply to storm damage
  • Added on screen cracking FX for vehicle damage
  • Revised fuel consumption to unlimited during preround
  • Revised minimum player count for Start Game from 20 to 15
  • Increased preround time from 2min to 4min

Previously unpublished change from v.

  • Adjusted Razorback in-air direction functions:
    • While in-air, the Razorback can now nose down by letting go of the accelerate button and pressing it again
    • While in-air, the Razorback can now nose up by letting go of the decelerate button and pressing it again

You might notice a new option at the end there. We neglected to tell you about a control change for the Razorback that we felt needed to be explained. We also included some screenshots with this patch to help illustrate some of the recent changes since many of them were visual.

The patch should be going live today at 5pm PDT so check it out and let us know if you have any feedback for the above changes.

You got blood on my computer screen!

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