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Early Access Nearly 30 Days!

It’s been nearly 30 days since we first launched Fractured Lands into Early Access on August 1st, 2018! We’ve done four major patches since then, and a few bug fix updates in-between. Today we’re launching our 5th Patch Update with some major elements like the new backend system integration that will drive multiple fixes going forward, as well as some queue and storm changes to help alleviate difficulties getting into a match on off-peak hours.

The update itself is scheduled to go live 7 pm PDT after some final internal checks. I’ll provide notes for this update in the next few hours, but in the meantime, we’d like to share with you a quick digest of some of the improvements we’ve seen since Early Access launch. This digest such as it is, makes for a great tool to share with your friends who maybe were in during Beta or our first week and could use a primer for what they can expect should they jump back in!

Early Access Patch Fix v.01.0.1 8/1/2018

  • Reduction in errors occurred when exiting vehicles
  • Added option to toggle ADS in Settings Menu
  • Adjusted Missile Launchers (Razorback) and Missile Launcher (Dustrider)
    • Homing Missiles will no longer target player characters (only vehicles)
    • Homing Missiles damage output has been reduced
  • Adjusted Razorback in-air direction functions:
    • While in-air, the Razorback can now nose down by letting go of the accelerate button and pressing it again
    • While in-air, the Razorback can now nose up by letting go of the decelerate button and pressing it again


Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/3/2018

  • Made network adjustments to improve bullet hit registration
  • Updated player damage audio FX specific to Storm damage
  • Lowered player damage audio FX frequency while in Storm
  • Adjusted Dustrider machine guns to now auto-aim track other vehicles at a lower angle when at close distance
    • NOTE: Dustrider machine guns will not auto-aim track player characters
  • Added individual graphics options in the Display tab of the Settings menu


Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/8/2018

  • Adjusted Dustrider body collision structure:
    • Reduces likelihood to land or remain on its side
  • Added on screen blood FX when taking character damage
  • Added on screen cracking FX for vehicle damage



Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/13/2018

  • Greatly reduced the possibility for shooting another player to result in “kill trading”
  • Added “vehicle flip” function
  • Added “Play Again” function in the spectator screen, allowing spectating players to queue for the next match while in spectator mode



Early Access Patch Fix v. 8/29/2018

  • Adjusted the player queue to require 2 players to enter the pre-game lobby
  • New Level of Detail (LOD) system pass:
    • Increased building/object streaming distance
    • Reduced building resource load
  • Revised Storm:
    • Starting round circle diameter reduced to match that of previous Round 5

Thanks for all your continued support! As we mentioned in our preview of the RIPPER video we have some roadmap info on the way that will describe our plans for the end of Season 1, the beginning of Season 2, as well as new marketing initiatives we’d love your help with! The kind of initiatives designed specifically to help share info on Fractured Lands and lower some barriers to playing so players all over will have a chance to invite their friends and fellow game communities to try and buy Fractured Lands!

It’s like we totally want you to play this game!

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